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M o t h e r  &  B a b y

YOU'RE PREGNANT! CONGRATULATIONS! Pregnancy and the birth of a baby is one of life's greatest joys, but if there are pregnancy complications it can be a time of anxiety. Rocky Mountain Perinatal Institute offers health and hope to mothers and babies, as well as to healthcare providers, in non-urban settings. We are committed to optimizing perinatal outcomes. We know there is a way to better! We want to help make your BIRTH day the best it can possibly be! 




As you go through your pregnancy and adapt to being the mother of a new baby, it is important that you realize you are being “born” or reborn into your role as a mother to this baby. Even if this is not your first baby, the transition to being a mother is a process that involves feelings, behaviors, attitudes, and character developed from life experiences and expectations.


While responses to being a mother may come from life experiences, maternal attitudes and behaviors change in relation to the age, condition, and situation of one’s child. Each mother-child relationship, each pregnancy, each delivery, and each childbirth experience are different for each woman. This is true even if you already have children. Each pregnancy, labor, and delivery is unique.


Supportive sharing from significant persons, especially your family, balances the process of becoming a mother. The support you receive from your mother, or other key support person, and your partner assists you in the changes you go through to become a mother. For you and your partner, mutual sharing provides the best foundation for adapting to your roles as new parents. The ability to see yourself as a mother and expand on the idea that the new child will impact your dreams and fantasies is a building process that occurs throughout pregnancy. It happens best with the support and help of your partner. 

Keep in mind that it is natural to have doubts and conflicts about this immense role change. This usually happens every time you have a baby. Becoming a mother affects your sense of self. If you are expecting your first child, you are truly between roles. Often there is fear of the impact the baby will have on marriage, family, and career. Generally, a vision of your image as a mother becomes clearer as pregnancy continues. It is important to recognize your new role, with all its responsibilities, has many rewards. In other words, any losses you might have are balanced by rewards you will receive.


Preparing for any role change requires a desire to learn. During the process of becoming a mother, you will seek out information or models of your new role. Various confidants, whether your mother, a close friend, or your partner can all help provide information and act as role models. Watching other mothers with their children and attending birthing and prenatal classes are sources of information to help you through this process.

On this site you will find a number of helpful videos about what you will be going through during your pregnancy, your delivery, and post partum. Always go to your health care provider with any concerns during your pregnancy. Don't leave concerns to chance or "Dr. Google" -- talk with your provider!

We wish you the very best in your own birth as a mother!

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